List of 195 Exhibiting Artists for 2012

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Cath Adele Canada Halls at QEP      
Wendyth Anderson Breedveld Canada Sheridan Gallery Gladstone Hotel    
Dominique Arlot France Gallery at QEP      
Lizz Aston Canada Joshua Creek Telephone Booth    


Amy Bagshaw Canada Joshua Creek Outdoor at QEP    
Melanie Baker Canada Halls at QEP      
Jessica Marion Barr Canada Outdoor at QEP      
Lou Anne Bazuin Sybenga Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Chamila Belleth Canada Gallery at QEP      
Kerstin Bennier Austria Gallery at QEP      
Soufïa Bensaïd Canada Joshua Creek      
Penny Berens Canada O’Connor MacLeod      
Marie Bergstedt USA Halls at QEP gallerywest Canadian Sculpture  
Laura G. Berman USA Joshua Creek      
Nathalie Bertin Canada Abbozzo Gallery      
Sandra Betts Canada Joshua Creek      
Michelle Bialy Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Jolie Bird Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Danielle Bleackley Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Megan Bostic USA Sheridan Gallery Gallery at QEP    
Gordana Brelih Canada O’Connor MacLeod      
Martina Breyer Germany Canadian Sculpture      
Yael Brotman Canada Gallery at QEP      
Kaili Brown Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Monika Bruekner USA Sheridan Gallery Gallery at QEP    
Lisa Brunetta Canada Sheridan Gallery      
Marianne Burlew Canada gallerywest Gladstone Hotel    
Pat Burns-Wendland Canada Oakville Place      
Maihyet Burton Canada Case Goods      
Maggie Butterfield Dickinson Canada Gladstone Hotel      


Allyn Cantor USA Abbozzo Gallery      
Susan Card Canada Case Goods      
Carrie Chisholm Canada Sheridan Gallery      
Ying-Yueh Chuang Canada 401 Richmond      
Jodi Colella USA Joshua Creek Canadian Sculpture    
Nicole Collins Canada Sheridan Gallery      
Gillian Collyer Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Emily Comeau Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Tonya Corkey Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Jill Cribbin Canada Case Goods      
Val Cross UK Oakville Town Hall       
David Cumming Canada Sheridan Gallery      
Karen Cummings Canada Halls at QEP      


Marjolein Dallinga Canada Joshua Creek      
karen darricades Canada Joshua Creek Studio Cycle    
Robert Davidovitz Canada Sheridan Gallery      
Trish Delaney Canada Sheridan Gallery      
Anne Devitt Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Lisa DiQuinzio Canada Gallery at QEP      
Fei Disbrow Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Catherine Dormor UK Gallery at QEP Canadian Sculpture    
Natalie Drajewicz Canada Case Goods      
Line Dufour Canada Halls at QEP      
Lori Dunn Canada Case Goods      
Michelle duQuesnay-Jones Canada Canadian Sculpture      


Micaela Fitzsimmons Canada Halls at QEP      
Britta Fluevog Canada gallerywest Canadian Sculpture    
Patsy Fluter Canada Halls at QEP      


Xia Gao USA Gallery at QEP Canadian Sculpture Mon Ton Window  
Camilla Geary-Martin Canada Sheridan Gallery Canadian Sculpture    
Amy George Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Dianne Gibson Canada O’Connor MacLeod      
Saidhbhín Gibson Ireland Gallery at QEP      
Andrea Graham Canada O’Connor MacLeod      
Greta Grip Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Molly Grundy Canada gallerywest      


Karen Haffey Canada Gallery 918      
Libby Hague Canada Joshua Creek      
Marilyn Hall UK Oakville Town Hall       
Maggie Lee Hallam Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Birgitta Hallberg Denmark Joshua Creek      
Noelle Hamlyn Canada Telephone Booth      
Philip Hare Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Phillida Hargreaves Canada Joshua Creek      
Lotta Helleberg USA Joshua Creek      
Anna Hergert Canada Sheridan Gallery      
Pat Hertzberg Canada Joshua Creek Gallery at QEP gallerywest O’Connor MacLeod
Caroline Hibbs UK Oakville Town Hall       
Kathleen Hill Canada Gallery at QEP      
Jennifer Hirschmann USA gallerywest      
Joyce Honsberger Canada Canadian Sculpture      
Helen Hughes UK O’Connor MacLeod      


Lisa Jayne Irvine Canada Canadian Sculpture      


Faye Jacobs Canada Display Area at QEP Halls at QEP    
June J. Jacobs Canada Joshua Creek      
Emily Jan Canada Joshua Creek      
Linda Janzen Canada O’Connor MacLeod      
Viki Jenkins UK Oakville Town Hall       
Nathan Johns Canada Halls at QEP      
Sayward Johnson Canada Joshua Creek      
Sheila Jonah Canada Case Goods      
Denise Jones UK Oakville Town Hall       


Esther Kalaba Canada Gallery 918      
Lynn Kelly Canada 401 Richmond      
Lisa Kemp Canada Gallery at QEP      
Jean Kirk UK Oakville Town Hall       
Valerie Knapp Canada Gallery at QEP      
Heather Komus Canada Joshua Creek      
Dagmar Kovar Canada Gallery at QEP Canadian Sculpture    
Chris Kummer Canada Oakville Town Hall       


Maximo Laura Peru Display Area at QEP      
Ariane Lavoie Canada Gallery at QEP      
Tracey Lawko Canada O’Connor MacLeod      
Robin Laws Field Canada Joshua Creek      
Karen LeBlanc Canada Halls at QEP      
Jason Legault Canada Outdoor at QEP      
Frankie LeMonde Meunier Canada O’Connor MacLeod      
Joe Lewis Canada Halls at QEP      
Ingrid Lincoln Canada Joshua Creek Oakville Town Hall     
Elizabeth Duggan Litch Canada O’Connor MacLeod      
Denise Lithgow Australia Halls at QEP      
Pam Lobb Canada Telephone Booth      
Pat Loucks Canada Halls at QEP      
Susan Lukachko Canada Sheridan Gallery      
Josette Luyckx Canada Oakville Place      
Colleen A. Lynch Canada Gallery at QEP      


J. Mac Canada Canadian Sculpture      
Meghan Macdonald Canada gallerywest      
Jillian MacLachlan Canada Joshua Creek Gladstone Hotel    
Johnnene Maddison Canada O’Connor MacLeod      
Emily Martin Canada gallerywest      
Judy Martin Canada Gallery at QEP Halls at QEP Oakville Town Hall   
Sarah Martin UK Joshua Creek      
Bettina Matzkuhn Canada Joshua Creek      
Mary McKenzie Canada Sheridan Gallery      
Alana McLeod Canada Abbozzo Gallery      
Liz Menard Canada Joshua Creek Case Goods    
Peggy Mersereau Canada Oakville Place      
Sharon Moodie Canada gallerywest      
Noel Morical USA Display Area at QEP      
Cherryl Moote Canada Case Goods      
Chris Motley USA Joshua Creek      
Marta Mouka Canada Joshua Creek      
Kate Murphy Canada Case Goods      


Sylvia Naylor Canada Joshua Creek      


Wendy O'Brien Canada Sheridan Gallery      
Kelly O'Neill Canada Gallery at QEP      
Lauren Osmond Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Lilly Otasevic Canada Sheridan Gallery      


Marie Payne Canada Oakville Place      
Janet Piper Jones Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Eliza Plumley Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Sandra Poczubut Canada Outdoor at QEP      
Meghan Price Canada Lonsdale  Gallery      


Cliodhna Quinlan Ireland Halls at QEP      


Ali Rabjohns UK Halls at QEP      
Sybil Rampen Canada Joshua Creek O’Connor MacLeod    
Sheree Rasmussen Canada Halls at QEP      
Kaija Rautiainen Canada gallerywest      
Barbara Rehus Canada Halls at QEP      
Mark Reinhart Canada Outdoor at QEP      
Gail Rhynard Canada O’Connor MacLeod      
Leisa Rich USA Joshua Creek      
Lee Richmond Canada Abbozzo Gallery      
Rochelle Rubinstein Canada Sheridan Gallery Gallery at QEP    


Asun Sánchez Spain gallerywest      
Ann Sanders Canada O’Connor MacLeod      
Lorena Santin Andrade Canada Gallery at QEP      
Lois Schklar Canada Halls at QEP      
Leanne Shea Rhem Canada Joshua Creek      
Mafalda Silva Canada Ristorante Julia      
Juana Sleizer Canada Halls at QEP      
Lucy Slykerman Canada Oakville Place      
Marcy Sperry USA Gladstone Hotel      
Isidora Spielmann Canada Oakville Place      
Keiley Stewart Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Susan Strachan Johnson Canada Joshua Creek O’Connor MacLeod    
Ixchel Suarez Canada Joshua Creek Sheridan Gallery Gallery at QEP  


Laura Taler Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Maggie Tchir Canada Abbozzo Gallery Gallery at QEP    
Robyn Thomas Canada 401 Richmond      
Sheila Thompson Canada Joshua Creek      
Anna Torma Canada Lonsdale  Gallery      
Jacqueline Treloar Canada Halls at QEP      
Reet Triefeldt Canada Oakville Place      
Lesley Turner Canada Oakville Town Hall       


Andrea Vander Kooij Canada Gladstone Hotel      
Alice Vander Vennen Canada Abbozzo Gallery Halls at QEP Case Goods  
Maggie Vanderweit Canada O’Connor MacLeod      
Erin Verlis Canada Halls at QEP      
Kit Vincent Canada Halls at QEP      


Valérie d. Walker Canada Joshua Creek      
Barbara Wellborn Canada Gallery at QEP      
Bev White Canada O’Connor MacLeod      
Anna Wieselgren Canada Canadian Sculpture Gladstone Hotel    
John Willard Canada O’Connor MacLeod      
Magda Wojtyra Canada 401 Richmond      
Jennie Wood Canada O’Connor MacLeod      
Barbara Wybou Canada Case Goods      


Xiaojing Yan Canada Lonsdale  Gallery      
Carlyn Yandle Canada Joshua Creek      
Joanne Young Canada Joshua Creek Halls at QEP    
Judi Michelle Young Canada Canadian Sculpture      
Nancy Yule Canada Sheridan Gallery Gallery at QEP    


Lori Zimmerman USA Gallery at QEP