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Penny Berens, Maggie Vanderweit, Dianne Gibson, Andrea Graham, Elizabeth Duggan Litch



Independent Exhibition


O'Connor McLeod Hanna

Oakville, Ontario, Canada


Nov. 2 – 18, 2012

Address: 700 Kerr Street, Oakville, Ontario
Hours: Mon - Fri 9:00 – 5:00, Sat: CLOSED, Sun: CLOSED
Directions: Click Here


Exhibition Description

Pentimento is a term used to describe how painters change their ideas during the process of making art, often switching the subject matter and painting over the original idea. The layers of under-painting remain but are hidden beneath the surface.

Connections artists have taken this theme and built up layers of fibres, thread, stitching, paint, dyes and other materials. Then the surfaces have been altered or peeled away to create a visual erosion. The image behind the colours and textures reveals its own story.

Connections members are based in Ontario plus one in BC, one in NS and another in the UK. They work independently but meet on a regular basis to inspire each other, share their work and play with new ideas relevant to the world of fibre and stitch. They have had shows in many galleries since 1999.

Download the 2012 Festival Exhibition Brochure.






O'Connor McLeod Hanna is an Oakville office building that has been a festival venue since 2002.

Special Thanks to ArtWorks Liaisons Rena Sava and Maria Wier; Connections Liaison Linda Janzen.

Images from the 2009 Festival