Curated by Dawne Rudman & Gareth Bate, Nov. 2 - 25, 2012 Common Thread International Exhibition
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  Photography: Gareth Bate Design
Installation View   Noël Morical   Noël Morical   Maximo Laura
    Chicago, Illinois   Chicago, Illinois   Lima, Peru
Maximo Laura   Maximo Laura   Maximo Laura   Maximo Laura
Lima, Peru   Lima, Peru   Lima, Peru   Lima, Peru
Maximo Laura   Maximo Laura   Maximo Laura   Faye Jacobs
Lima, Peru   Lima, Peru   Lima, Peru   Peterborough, Ontario


Curatorial Statement

Myth Making brought together three artists from Peru, Canada and the USA whose work was creating a new mythology.

Lima, Peru's Maximo Laura's stunning tapestries explored Andean mythology and stories. Peterbough's Faye Jacobs "tree spirit" sculpture combines tree roots with tapestry. Chicago artist Noël Morical's massive wall hangings made of paint chips gave the sense of constructing a universe or cosmic blanket. She created a new piece especially for this exhibition.

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Common Thread International Exhibitions

The Common Thread International exhibitions are the flagship shows of the World of Threads Festival. Hundreds of artists from around the world submitted bodies of work, installations or individual pieces to the Festival. Multiple curators from various Oakville and Toronto galleries created exciting exhibitions based on their own unique interests. We bring international contemporary fibre art to Oakville and the Toronto area as well as highlight the strength of our local artists.







The Display Area at Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre
Oakville's newest cultural centre opened in April 2012. This large public exhibition space will allowed for a spectacular show of large scale installations.

Special Thanks:
Gallery Liaisons:
Tonia Di Risio & Preeya Nayee.
Exhibition Installers:
Gareth Bate, Dawne Rudman, Irene Brayne, Judy Brydon, Lynne Calvert, Preeya Nayee, Tonia DiRisio.
Facilities Staff: Julie Ascah, Mike Besic, Lori Coletta, Adrian Duplessis, Susan Fanelli, Tina Field, Chris Fontes, Kamal Fox, Tony Luis, Mitch MacKenzie, Dan Miotto, Don Pearce, Dave Rookyard, Michael Sanserverino, James Schulze, Blake Talbot, Joe La Vergne, John Vidal.